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  • The Long-run Evolution of Aviation Activity following the coronavirus pandemic

    Monday16:00 - 17:009 Nov 2020
    WTM Virtual Global Theatre

    The coronavirus pandemic is having an unprecedented impact on travel and aviation activity but a demand recovery remains likely once countries are able to ease ...

    • Language: English

  • Tourism and Biodiversity, Friend or Foe

    Tuesday14:00 - 15:0010 Nov 2020
    WTM Virtual Responsible Tourism Theatre

    Biodiversity is declining faster than at any time in human history. Biodiversity loss is one of two inextricably linked existential crises which confront us. Po...

    • Language: English (United Kingdom)

  • TRAVEL FUTURE: Embracing the new world of tourism

    Tuesday14:30 - 15:3010 Nov 2020
    WTM Virtual Global Theatre

    Tourism around the world has been forced to change this year, but what does the future hold? Do we go forward, embracing the best practice from these difficult ...

    • Language: English (United Kingdom)

  • Through a Diversity Gaze: How Travel Risk Is Changing In the Covid19 Era

    Wednesday09:30 - 10:3011 Nov 2020
    WTM Virtual Global Theatre

    The COVID pandemic has changed Travel & Tourism beyond all recognition in a few short months.  Many household travel names have ceased to trade; others have sig...

    • Language: English (United Kingdom)

  • Tracking travel during Coronavirus

    Wednesday11:00 - 12:0011 Nov 2020
    WTM Virtual Global Theatre

    Drawing on research from TTG’s ongoing Travel Agent Tracker, TTG CEO Daniel Pearce tells the story of how Covid has impacted the UK trade – before discussing wi...

    • Language: English

  • TRAVEL FUTURE: Balancing Risk & Restoring Confidence

    Wednesday12:30 - 13:3011 Nov 2020
    WTM Virtual Global Theatre

    Although many regions are still grappling with coronavirus, focus is shifting to what life will be like post-Covid. The travel industry is embracing technology,...

    • Language: English (United Kingdom)

  • Tourism Talent for the future

    Wednesday15:30 - 16:3011 Nov 2020
    WTM Virtual Global Theatre

    At a time of unprecedented job loss and challenges for the industry, it is critical that we remain focussed on attracting and nurturing talent to ensure that ou...

    • Language: English

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