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  • UNWTO, WTTC & WTM Ministers Summit - To Create Safer, Greener, Smarter Travel & Tourism

    Monday12:00 - 14:009 Nov 2020
    UNWTO, WTTC AND WTM Ministers Summit

    The UNWTO, WTTC and WTM Ministers’ Summit 2020, the largest annual gathering of tourism ministers and private sector leaders will feature a day of events on Mon...

    • Language: English (United Kingdom)

  • Tourism: The Path to Peace in the Middle East

    Monday15:00 - 16:009 Nov 2020
    UNWTO, WTTC AND WTM Ministers Summit

    On September 15th 2020, Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain signed the “Abraham Accords”, a historic deal that would formally normalise relations betwe...

    • Language: English (United Kingdom)

  • The Long-run Evolution of Aviation Activity following the coronavirus pandemic

    Monday16:00 - 17:009 Nov 2020
    WTM Virtual Global Theatre

    The coronavirus pandemic is having an unprecedented impact on travel and aviation activity but a demand recovery remains likely once countries are able to ease ...

    • Language: English

  • ITIC – Tourism Investment Ministerial Panel

    Monday16:15 - 17:159 Nov 2020
    UNWTO, WTTC AND WTM Ministers Summit

    Rethinking the Global Travel & Tourism Industry with a comprehensive recovery plan, encouraging innovation and investment to rebuild destinations

    • Language: English (United Kingdom)

  • ITIC Summit

    Tuesday10:00 - 19:4510 Nov 2020
    ITIC Investment Summit

    10:00 – 10:05 - Welcoming Address Rajan Datar, Presenter and Broadcaster, BBC Dr. Taleb Rifai Chairman of ITIC & Former Secretary-General UNWTO Simon Press ...

    • Language: English (United Kingdom)

  • Resilience & Covid-19

    Tuesday10:30 - 11:3010 Nov 2020
    WTM Virtual Responsible Tourism Theatre

    The pandemic has been particularly challenging for the travel and tourism industry dependent as we are on the confidence and ability of people to travel from ho...

    • Language: English (United Kingdom)

  • Build Back Better

    Tuesday12:00 - 13:0010 Nov 2020
    WTM Virtual Responsible Tourism Theatre

    The S-G of the UN has spoken of the crisis as 'an unprecedented opportunity to transform the relationship of tourism with nature, climate and the economy to exa...

    • Language: English

  • Tourism and Biodiversity, Friend or Foe

    Tuesday14:00 - 15:0010 Nov 2020
    WTM Virtual Responsible Tourism Theatre

    Biodiversity is declining faster than at any time in human history. Biodiversity loss is one of two inextricably linked existential crises which confront us. Po...

    • Language: English (United Kingdom)

  • Decarbonising Aviation

    Tuesday15:30 - 16:3010 Nov 2020
    WTM Virtual Responsible Tourism Theatre

    The aviation industry is our sector's Achilles' heel. Flying is not the problem; the emissions from the fuel that aviation runs on is the issue. While more and ...

    • Language: English (United Kingdom)

  • Beyond the COVID crisis: the future of Sustainable Tourism

    Tuesday16:00 - 17:0010 Nov 2020
    WTM Virtual Global Theatre

    Overtourism, the environment, water quality, carbon footprint...these were the smart travel buzzwords and issues that started this year, before being almost ecl...

    • Language: English (United Kingdom)

  • China Tourism Market Recovery Forum

    Wednesday08:00 - 09:0011 Nov 2020
    WTM Virtual Global Theatre

    The China Tourism Market Recovery Forum is themed " Recovery of China's Tourism Market amid COVID-19". World tourism is facing a grim challenge amid the global ...

    • Language: English (United Kingdom)

  • Through a Diversity Gaze: How Travel Risk Is Changing In the Covid19 Era

    Wednesday09:30 - 10:3011 Nov 2020
    WTM Virtual Global Theatre

    The COVID pandemic has changed Travel & Tourism beyond all recognition in a few short months.  Many household travel names have ceased to trade; others have sig...

    • Language: English (United Kingdom)

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