Inbound Rankings

Inbound Rankings

4 Nov 2019, 10:30 - 11:30

Press Conference Theatre- International Media Centre

ForwardKeys, the travel analytics firm which monitors over 7m flight searches and 17 m air booking transactions a day, reveals a ranking of the UK’s top long-haul source markets – the top 50 cities and the top 30 countries – and how those rankings have changed over the past year and the past five years. The presentation will explain the key trends, and provide valuable insights for anyone involved in promoting the UK to visitors from abroad. If you are curious to know which origin markets are the largest, which are the fastest growing and by how much and which cities have zoomed up the rankings and why, this is the session for you. Alternatively, if you are a journalist coming from far away, you could find out how important your market is to the UK and how it has been performing. 


  • Olivier Ponti


    VP Insights


    As the leader of the ForwardKeys Insights team, Olivier Ponti is one of the world’s most authoritative experts in travel research and destination...