Air-Born: What Affluent Millennials Want From International Travel Brands

Air-Born: What Affluent Millennials Want From International Travel Brands

4 Nov 2019, 15:00 - 15:45

Europe Inspiration Zone

The latest in BBC Global News’s award-winning series of Affluent Millennials studies, we look at their relationship with airline brands. We surveyed 3262 Affluent Millennials in 8 countries around the world to analyse what is distinct about how Affluent Millennials travel, how they engage with airline brands, and how to reach and connect with them as an advertiser. The study explores the importance of flexibility, customer service, and the on-board entertainment experience, as well as weighs up which brand values resonate with this group. The study looks at high value segments such as frequent flyers and First/Business class travellers to understand how best to serve these segments going over the next few years. 

Moderated by host of BBC World News’s The Travel Show

We will also hear from Hamish McPharlin, Head of Insight, BBC Global News followed by a panel discussion.


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  • Christa Larwood



    The Travel Show & BBC World News

    Christa Larwood is a writer, editor, producer and presenter specialising in travel. For the past 10 years, she has travelled the globe to find...

  • Dr. Hamish McPharlin


    Head of Insight

    BBC Global News

    Dr Hamish McPharlin is Head of Insight at BBC Global News. His research team track the health and consumption of the BBC News brand worldwide, using...

  • Sheldon Hee


    General Manager UK & Ireland

    Singapore Airlines

    Appointed as General Manager UK & Ireland in April 2016, Sheldon first joined Singapore Airlines in 1998, and has spent over two decades in a variety...