What Can the Travel Industry Contribute to the Conservation of Wildlife and Habitats?

What Can the Travel Industry Contribute to the Conservation of Wildlife and Habitats?

5 Nov 2019, 14:45 - 15:45

Middle East & Africa Inspiration Zone

This year’s wildlife and habitats panel reflects the wide range of ways in which tourism can contribute to conservation. Ol Pejeta has a new Technology lab focused on wildlife conservation and they are working to make a Northern White Rhino. Blood Lions campaigns with the industry against the lion trade. Tom Moorhouse will talk about the role of sanctuaries and their role in conservation, does tourism have anything to contribute? The Galapagos Conservation Trust is working to tackle plastic pollution and World Animal Protection is campaigning against cetacean captivity. What more can the industry do to throw its considerable weight behind the conservation of habitat and species?


  • Matt Walpole


    Senior Director of Conservation Programmes

    Fauna & Flora International

    Matt is Senior Director for Conservation Programmes at Fauna & Flora International (FFI), responsible for FFI's field activities worldwide. Matt is a...

  • Pippa Hankinson



    Blood Lions Campaign

    Pippa’s career in high-end eco-tourism across Southern Africa spanned over 20 years. After working with a number of well-known hotel chains, she soon...

  • Andy Donnelly


    Lead on Flagship Programmes

    Galapagos Conservation Trust

    A marine scientist turned partnership broker, Andy has 30 years’ experience in research, conservation and education programmes in Europe,...

  • Richard Vigne


    Managing Director

    Ol Pejeta Conservancy

    Alongside working as a Sustainability and Responsible Tourism Consultant since 2002, Richard joined Ol Pejeta Conservancy Group in Kenya as Managing...

  • Tom Moorhouse


    Senior Researcher in Wildlife Product Demand Management

    WildCRU, Oxford University

    Dr Tom Moorhouse is a post doctoral researcher at Oxford University’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit. His recent research has focused on the...

  • Nick Stewart


    Global Head of Wildlife Campaigns

    World Animal Protection

    Nick Stewart is World Animal Protection’s Global Head of Campaign against dolphin captivity, advocating for the public and travel industry’s...