40 Years: What Have We Learnt and Where Are We Headed?

40 Years: What Have We Learnt and Where Are We Headed?

4 Nov 2019, 16:00 - 17:00

WTM Global Stage

As WTM celebrates its 40th year, we look at how we have moved from the brochures and television travelogues of 1979 to the social media and influencers of today. Have we learned anything in that time and is the message still the same as ever – that good storytelling is at the heart of selling travel? Then looking ahead, where do we see marketing and selling travelling and tourism going? Are we going to travel less because of environmental concerns or use technology more?


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  • Steve Keenan



    Travel Perspective

    Steve learned about the industry on joining Travel Weekly as news editor in 1990. A news reporter prior to that, with stints in New Zealand,...

  • Alistair McKenzie


    Digital Travel Journalist/Blogger

    Mech Traveller

    Alastair is a digital travel journalist/blogger with one foot in traditional media and the other in social media. Originally a local and then...

  • Chloe Gunning


    Travel Blogger

    Wanderlust Chloe

    With a passion for food, fun and adventure, Chloe is the pint-sized Brit behind top travel blog WanderlustChloe.com. From volcano boarding in...

  • Tim Fryer


    Country Manager UK & France

    STA Travel

    Tim has amassed nearly 20 years of experience at all levels of the travel business during his tenure with STA Travel. Tim joined STA Travel Group...

  • Peter Hughes


    Travel Writer

    Peter Hughes is an award-winning travel writer based in London.  His first foray into travel journalism was a month-long overland journey he made to...