Illusion or Reality? The Rise of Influencer Marketing and Branded Content

Illusion or Reality? The Rise of Influencer Marketing and Branded Content

4 Nov 2019, 11:35 - 12:15

WTM Global Stage

What is real? It is the 20th anniversary of The Matrix but travellers are increasingly wondering about this. Is what influencers are portraying in their image and newsfeeds reality? This year we learned that Morocco’s goats in trees are not necessarily what they seem, for example. Influencers are also continuing to push their perfect lives without admitting it is just artifice, and paid deception at that. Yet more and more travel and tourism brands are investing in influencer marketing. Learn how to work with influencers and branded content in a way that does not alienate consumers or even breaks the law.


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  • Mark Frary



    Travel Perspective

    Mark Frary is a writer and author covering travel, technology and business. He has written regularly for The Times, Sunday Times and the Evening...

  • Jason Freeman


    Legal Director

    Competition & Markets Authority

    Jason Freeman is a Legal Director at the UK Competition and Markets Authority, having previously been a Legal Director at the OFT. He has particular...

  • Robert Michael Poole



    Plus Alpha

    @RobertMichaelPoole is an influencer and photojournalist. He is CEO of Social Media Marketing company Plus Alpha based in Tokyo.

  • Emma Mead


    Head of Global PR


    With more than a decade of tourism PR and marketing experience, Emma Mead was an early adopter of Influencer Marketing for VisitBritain.  Under her...