What's Next for the Best Part of Travel: Tours, Activities, Attractions & Experiences

What's Next for the Best Part of Travel: Tours, Activities, Attractions & Experiences

5 Nov 2019, 13:30 - 15:00

South Gallery Rooms 20 & 21

Digital, distribution and innovation are transforming travel’s third-largest and fastest growing sector: tours, activities, attractions and experiences. In this forum, Arival presents a series of sessions on current and future trends in the In-Destination Industry, including research insights from Arival's CEO Douglas Quinby and interviews with market leaders across technology, OTAs and tour and attraction operators. Arival@WTM is the ideal way for all travel companies – hotels, destinations, distributors and OTAs as well as tour, activity and attraction operators – to learn about and take advantage of the trends in travel’s most dynamic sector.

13:30-13:45 - Travel’s Next Big Thing: Tours, Activities & Attractions

Douglas Quinby, Co-founder & CEO, Arival

It’s travel’s third-largest and fastest growing sector, and its time has come. The digital transformation that swept through travel over the past two decades is now in full swing for tours, activities and attractions. This talk walks through the key drivers and changes underway, presents exclusive research on what travelers want, how they shop and book, and explains what it means for the broader travel and tourism industry.

13:45-14:05 - Ask Me Anything: Klook

Executive Interview - Wilfred Fan, CCO, Klook

Interviewer: Douglas Quinby, Co-founder & CEO, Arival

Klook emerged in a few short years from relative obscurity to become a leading voice in experiences across Asia. Now, that region’s tours & activities’ unicorn has big plans to expand, and it’s set it sights on Europe. Get the inside track on what’s next for Klook and how the Asian OTA plans to expand in this region in this candid interview with Chief Commercial Officer Wilfred Fan.


14:05 - 14:30 - Roundtable Debate: OTAs, Technology & the Future of Distribution

Moderator: Bruce Rosard, Co-founder & COO, Arival

Speakers: Claudio Bellinzona, Co-founder & COO, Musement

Stephen Oddo, CEO & Co-founder, Walks

Marc Wieland, Co-founder & General Manager, Palisis Group

Jessica Rebstock, Director of Sales & Marketing, Skyline Sightseeing

Technology and distribution are redefining how travelers find and book experiences, and are driving significant change among tour and attraction operators. This executive panel assembles voices from supply, tech and distribution to delve into the major themes shaping our industry.


14:30 - 14:45 - An Arival Talk: Where Tech Ends – The Future of Immersive

Andrew McGuinness, CEO, dotdotdot


14:45 - 15:00 - Ask Me Anything: Golden Tours

Interviewer: Douglas Quinby, Co-founder & CEO, Arival

Nick Palan, Chairman, Golden Tours


The founder and chairman of Golden Tours shares his story from humble beginnings to leading one of London’s largest day tour operations, and gives his take on the state of our industry and where it’s headed.




  • Douglas Quinby


    Co-founder & CEO


    Douglas Quinby is co-founder and CEO of Arival. He partnered with Alex Kremer and Bruce Rosard to establish an independent platform to serve the...

  • Claudio Bellinzona


    Co-founder & COO


    Digital media manager and entrepreneur, Claudio has 15+ yrs experience in building and sustaining top-notch digital projects and innovative ventures....

  • Stephen Oddo


    Co-founder & CEO


    Stephen is a serial travel industry entrepreneur and co-founded multiple companies in the tours & activities sector since 2005. He co-founded...

  • Bruce Rosard


    Co-founder & COO


    Bruce started his career in the travel industry when he founded Moguls Mountain Travel, a leading ski tour operator in the 80’s, 90’s and early 00’s....

  • Marc Wieland


    Co-founder & GM

    Palisis Group

    Marc Wieland is the Co-founder and General Manager of the Palisis Group. Palisis are a leading technology provider of sales and operations solutions...

  • Nick Palan



    Golden Tours

    Nick (Nitin) Palan was born in Uganda and is of Indian origin. His family emigrated to the UK when he was 16 years old. He qualified as a chartered...

  • Andrew McGuinness




    Andrew is CEO of dotdotdot, the innovative location based entertainment business which has developed the technique of Layered Reality combining  VR...

  • Wilfred Fan




    Prior to joining Klook, Wilfred was VP Global Partnership and a founding member of Agoda, where he introduced a direct hotel contracting strategy...

  • Jessica Rebstock


    Director of Sales & Marketing

    Skyline Sightseeing

    Jessica is Director of Sales & Marketing at Skyline Sightseeing - one of the leading tour operators in San Francisco, offering a wide variety of...