Powered by People: Why Customer-Centricity is the Key to Innovation

Powered by People: Why Customer-Centricity is the Key to Innovation

5 Nov 2019, 16:15 - 17:15

Europe Inspiration Zone

Keynote Presenter: Wendy Olson Killion, Global Vice President, Expedia Group Media Solutions

The travel sector is hyper-competitive and so often leads the way when it comes to technological disruption. But with brands under continuous pressure to keep pace, many are guilty of forgetting that new technology must meet a real customer need. Wendy Olson Killion will lead the annual MMGY Global Tourism Cup by defining customer-centricity and sharing how Expedia Media Group has shifted from solving business problems to solving customer problems. 

Now in its fifth year, The MMGY Global Tourism Cup features six top leaders from the tourism industry in the Americas and Europe in a debate-style program. These industry experts will join Wendy to discuss how emerging technologies like machine learning, chatbots and augmented reality are helping the industry and brands like Expedia move towards a truly seamless travel experience for customers.


  • Craig Compagnone


    Chief Operating Officer


    In more than 14 years with MMGY Global, Craig Compagnone has played a lead role in shaping account and brand planning, client strategy, marketing...

  • Wendy Olson Killion

    Key Note Speaker

    VP of Business Development

    Expedia Group Media Solutions

    Wendy Olson Killion is a vice president at Expedia Group Media Solutions, where she oversees business development and marketing partner relations,...

  • Andrew van der Feltz


    Senior Director of Business Development

    Expedia Group Media Solutions

    Andrew van der Feltz is a senior director of business development for the Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific regions at Expedia Group Media...

  • Samantha Zurek


    Managing Director


    Sam Zurek is an industry veteran with 15 years of experience across a multitude of disciplines including linear television, digital publisher direct,...

  • Tom Hall


    VP of Experience

    Lonely Planet

    Tom Hall is Vice President of Experience at Lonely Planet, looking after its brand, editorial and creative teams. He is a long-time contributor to...

  • Will Seccombe



    Connect Travel

    Connect Travel is a strategic marketing business that connects destination marketers with the products, services, people and ideas that help them...

  • David Meany


    Director of Partner Marketing

    The Travel Corporation

    A seasoned marketer specialising in travel and lifestyle brand partnerships, David has over 13 years marketing experience and has spent the last 2...

  • Pam Meehan


    Senior Director

    Travel Leaders Group, Hotel Division

    Pam Meehan, Senior Director, Travel Leaders Group Hotel Division. Pam has over 30 years in the travel industry!  She leads the Global Sales team for...