Megatrends Shaping the Future of Travel

Megatrends Shaping the Future of Travel

5 Nov 2019, 11:30 - 12:30

Press Conference Theatre- International Media Centre

Discover the latest developments for global travel and tourism performance with Euromonitor International. This session will give insights into upcoming trends in Europe, Asia, the Americas and the Middle East and Africa. The key focus is on major drivers, consumer behaviour and attitudes that are impacting travel companies’ bottom line.

With the rise of social power, new consumer segments and emerging business models, the travel industry continues its path of constant improvement. Euromonitor International’s latest research will prepare you with the knowledge to navigate the year ahead.


  • Caroline Bremner


    Head of Travel


     Caroline Bremner manages the global content strategy for the travel and tourism industry at Euromonitor International, which she joined in July...