Taking Responsibility for Safety & Security

Taking Responsibility for Safety & Security

4 Nov 2019, 13:45 - 14:45

Europe Inspiration Zone

For countries and destinations, reputational risks can be high when incidents happen whether they are caused by natural disasters, health scares, crime, conflicts, or actions by terrorists, so the protection of tourists, investments and livelihoods is essential. What can be done to minimise the risks and create greater resilience? What measures should be in place in destinations to provide reassurance to visitors?

No absolute guarantees can be given to visitors but balanced information should be available to them to make up their own minds about where to travel. What have visitors and those countries receiving visitors the right to expect from travel advisories?

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  • Martin Brackenbury


    Managing Partner

    Brackenbury & Partners

    Formerly a Director of Thomson Travel Group, he was also a Professor at Nottingham University in the UK. (in an instititute focussing on economics...

  • Nikki White


    Director of Destinations & Sustainability


    As ABTA’s Director of Destinations & Sustainability, Nikki is responsible for destination government liaison, sustainability, operations, crisis...

  • Hon. Edmund Bartlett


    Tourism Minister

    Jamaican Tourist Board

    Recognised for his wide-ranging expertise and accomplishments in the political arena, Honourable Edmund Bartlett has given over thirty-five years of...

  • Mr. Fish Mahlalela


    Deputy Minister

    Department of the Republic of South Africa

    Mr Fish Mahlalela is the Deputy Minister of the Department of Tourism of the Republic of South Africa from 29 May 2019. He is a member of the African...

  • Germán Porras Olalla


    Secretary General

    Mesa Del Turismo

    After studying a combination of Law, Political Sciences and Public Relations, Germán worked in the Civil Service from 1969-2010 within the Ministry...

  • Hon. John Amaratunga


    Minister of Tourism Development, Wildlife & Christian Religious Affairs

    Sri Lanka Tourism Board

    Minister Amaratunga’s current portfolio of Tourism Development is of much national importance as the country is now looking to the industry to be the...